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Parcel Drive recruitment specialise in finding you the perfect career within the parcel sector, whether it be driving a vehicle delivering to customers, or situated in a warehouse handling thousands of packages, helping the movement of these goods onto their final journey. We focus on both temporary and permanent roles, ranging from part time or full time, and located across the South West of the United Kingdom. 

With over 10 years of experience within the Parcel sector, we have excellent relationships with key logistic providers across the country, and will help provide you with that role your searching for, or for a company, fill that vacancy you have been trying to recruit for with the right person. Parcel Drive will vet and carry out all relevant checks to ensure the candidates, and also the companies we work with, are exactly what is required, and are the best options for you. 

Driver Requirements 
  • Driving for at least 4 years

  • No Convictions, and a maximum of 6 points

  • Previous experience driving SWB vehicle (desired)

  • CRB clean

Recent News

First Peak done in DPD Cardiff 


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